Patriot Act Sunset Makes Little Difference.

At sunset, only the lighting is different.(INDYRADIO 1June15) Last week, the NSA began to shut down their mechanism for mass collection of phone data. The sunset of Patriot Act Section 215 that occured at midnight is only one possible reason. Sections 201 and 206 also expired at midnight, and have seen little public discussion. The original "Patriot Act" was cobbled together in a way that made analysis difficult from the start.

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The Republican Hero

Warren G. Harding had more to celebrate than people knew on April 12, 1922Rumblings I hear about resurrecting Robert Taft from the dead for lack of a contemporary Hero are misguided. If you must choose a Republican, Warren G. Harding is your man. Here he is seen on April 12, 1922, throwing the first ball of the baseball season.

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City of Seattle orders Shell to ship out

Seattle orders Royal Dutch Shell to leave, citing them for ordinance violations.

An offshore drilling ship and the rig that it towed must leave the Port of Seattle, or the city will levy fines of $500/day against Royal Dutch Shell, as they prepare for a trip to the Artic, using Seattle as a layover. This is a sharp contrast to the treatment they receive in Washington, DC, where the Obama administration has fast-tracked artic drilling.

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