New Jersey State Troopers learn to kick and run scott free

New Jersey State Trooper Aris Varvar barely keeps a straight face after he's aquitted of kicking a man handcuffed on the ground.

INDYRADIO Here's NJ State Trooper Aris Varvar, seen immediately after being found "not guilty" of kicking a man in the head. It is claimed that Brandon Clemons doesn't remember being kicked in the head, but the video shows Trooper Varvar off the ground and leaping in his direction. Clemons' head is only partially visible in the video, which is not publicly available. At the time charges were filed, State Police Superintendent Col. Rick Fuentes said Varvar's actions were "a serious violation of the public trust." and the trooper remained suspended from duty as of July 23, 2015. What does this prove? If you're going to kick a man while he's handcuffed on the ground, keep his face off camera and then kick him so fucking hard he won't remember.
Welcome to New Jersey.

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