The Final Straw visits Exarchia

Exarchia begins here.ASHEVILLE-FM (10jan16) This week on the show, we'll hear several pieces from our comrades at ARadio Berlin. Anarchistiche Radio Berlin is an anarchist radio project which has been active since 2009, and conducts interviews with anarchists and activists all around Europe on a wide variety of topics and in a variety of languages The first segment is one of their latest English-language posts and is an interview with 2 members of the NOTAPA 26, a squatted immigrant center organized in a large part by anarchists. NOTAPA 26 is situated in the Exarchia neighborhood of Athens, Greece, a neighborhood that has had a longstanding anarchist and anti-authoritarian flavor and is frequently a no-go zone for police and reactionaries like skinheads and members of the Golden Dawn party.

In the 12 minute segment, the interviewees talk about anarchist squats, solidarity with immigrants and refugees, and the policies of the Syriza government in Greece. More on NOTAPA 26, which can also be spelled in English as NOTARA 26, can be found at and they can also be followed on Twitter.

The second, half-hour-long segment was an interview conducted by our friends at A-Radio Berlin with 2 members of the newly formed Alustra Anarchist Federation in Finland. The conversation happened at the Anarchist Bookfaire in Tallin, Estonia, this year and ranges over topics from anarchist involvement in the recent General Strike in Finland, the ideas and goals of the federation and the rise of the far right as the government pushes austerity measures. More on the project can be found at

More audio in English from A-Radio Berlin can be found at and search english

Next week, stay tuned for an interview with Gary about the fast approaching January 22nd day of solidarity with transgender prisoners. We'll be talking about the realities that trans people face in prison, and the importance of having a day of solidarity which is specific to trans people, among many other topics. January 22nd was recently called for by Marius Mason, a "green scare" prisoner and transgender man incarcerated at FMC Carswell in Fort Worth, Texas. To get a jump start on learning about this day of solidarity, and to start fomenting ideas for actions or events in your area, you can visit the website and read the first blog post which comes up.

Those located in Asheville might consider getting involved with the Tranzmission Prison Project, a books to prisoners program which focuses only on LGBT prisoners. This project is decades strong and sends packages into prisons all over the United States. To get involved, stop by Downtown Books and News at 67 N Lexington Avenue on Sundays from 3-5pm and folks will be there to answer questions and to get you started.

Also, on January 30th there will be a benefit concert at the Odditorium to help The Final Straw Radio attend an International Anarchist Radio Gathering this spring in Europe. The concert will feature local metal and punk projects Autarch, Asherah, Lacrymosa and Desperate Measure. The show starts at 9pm and more information can be found on fedbook by searching the title "Resistance in the air: a benefit for local anarchist radio show".

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