Voter suppression scam in 28 states exposed

This Is Hell from 89.3FM Evanston, Illinois(7Nov14)Our media monopolies ignore a conspiracy in 28 states that will disenfranchise millions of minority voters. Muckraker Greg Palast published a detailed report for Al Jazeera, and tomorrow morning he will be forced to answer The Question From Hell. (details)

Did you get treated like a criminal when you prepared to vote in your state? Here is the complete list of participants in the Crosscheck program:

States participating in Crosscheck
State Secretary of State* Party
Alaska Mead Treadwell R
Arizona Ken Bennett R
Arkansas Mark Martin R
Colorado Scott Gessler R
Georgia Brian Kemp R
Idaho Ben Ysursa R
Illinois Jesse White D
Indiana Connie Lawson R
Iowa Matt Schultz R
Kansas Kris Kobach R
Kentucky Alison Lundergan Grimes D
Louisiana Tom Schedler R
Massachusetts William F Glavin D
Michigan Ruth Johnson R
Mississippi Delbert Hosemann R
Missouri Jason Kander D
Nebraska John A. Gale R
Nevada Ross Miller D
North Carolina Kim Strach Non-partisan
Ohio Jon Husted R
Oklahoma Chris Benge R
Pennsylvania Carol Aichele R
South Dakota Jason Gant R
South Carolina Mark Hammond R
Tennessee Tre Hargett R
Virginia Edgardo Cortés Non-partisan
West Virginia Natalie Tennant D
Source: Al Jazeera reporting
Note: *Officials are secretaries of state, except in Alaska (lieutenant governor), North Carolina (director of the state board of elections) and Virginia, (department of elections).

Editor's note: The top election official in Virginia is Edgardo Cortés, Commissioner, Department of Elections, not Levar Stoney, who is Secretary of the Commonwealth.


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THIS IS HELL November 8, 2014

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10:20  Greg Palast investigates CrossCheck, a massive vote-suppression scheme disguised as a massive fraud-prevention scheme.Greg dropped a giant, multi-part report on Crosscheck over at Al Jazeera America that you should read however you feel about voting.


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